About Us

Edamame introduces a range of hand-picked, environmentally conscious products that provide you with the opportunity to make wiser choices about the products you purchase for a more sustainable and socially conscious planet.

The range includes stainless steel straws in five different colours (rose gold, gold, silver, blue and black mat), biodegradable paper straws, stainless steel water bottles and lunch boxes and Edamame bamboo coffee cups. 

Our mission is to provide cost effective, affordable and reusable solutions to single use waste. Edamame work together with our partners to ensure the materials and operations involved with the manufacture of our products meet industry standards for quality and safety, fair labor, ethical business practices, and environmental responsibility.  

We at Edamame firmly believe in corporate social and environmental responsibility and giving back to our community through monetary contributions and volunteer service, serving as a proud partner with charities such as CMRF Crumlin, Depaul, Bernardo’s, Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Pieta House.

For Businesses - Selling, Using, and Giving Edamame

Sustainability is about the relationship between humans and the environment, present and future. Everything we do today has an invisible but real consequence and impact on tomorrow. If your business is committed to sustainability, respect for others and Planet Earth, as well as delivering top-quality environmentally conscious product to your customers, we'd love to work with you. Here are some ways we currently work with amazing companies like yours.

If you are a retail business interested in selling Edamame - Submit an application to become a Edamame wholesale partner.

For organisations and businesses interested in using Edamame products:

If you provide meal service to your clients or workers, Edamame is the smart environmentally-friendly choice for offering an attractive, high-quality stainless steel food box to all ages. It's also highly durable and dishwasher safe. 

Some current types of businesses that currently use Edamame products include:

  • A boutique hotel that serves "take out" lunches in Edamame lunch boxes
  • An office environment that wants to use less single use plastic and gives their employees company branded bamboo coffee cups, stainless steel lunch boxes and water bottles. This encourages the teams to either bring their own lunches or buy lunches from the local cafe to reduce takeaway packaging, use reusable water bottle and bamboo coffee cup. 
  • A health conscious meal delivery service that delivers meals in Edamame lunch boxes and then takes back and reuses the empty containers.
  • A trendy bar serving up amazing cocktails with stainless steel Edamame straws.
  • A health conscious cafe using bamboo fibre coffee cups and paper straws. 

Corporate Giving with Edamame gift boxes and hampers 

Edamame makes a truly unique gift! Rewarding your employees and clients with a useful, environmentally-friendly corporate gift will further demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. 


All Edamame products can be customised with your logo to reinforce your brand and put your stamp on a high quality, environmentally conscious choice.

Contact us at to learn more.  We have special discounted rates for bulk orders depending on the amount you are looking to purchase. We look forward to working with you and supporting you on your environmentally conscious path.