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Business sustainability makes perfect sense as it not only educates your employees to understand how their actions affect the natural environment and try to reduce their impact but it also creates long-term financial value. Companies that embrace sustainability go beyond short-term financial goals and consider environmental and social implications – both in their day-to-day operations and when making long-term investments.

We develop sustainability action plans, policies and workshops for SMEs and medium size companies, we partner with sustainability teams in large organisation on sustainability education, lunch & learn talks and workshops. Our workshops are adapted to different requirements and interests of our clients and are based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UNSDG). 


Some of our topics include: Sustainable office, Sustainable at home, Zero waste living, Recycle right at work and home, Climate change, Plastic action..


Sustainability benefits for your business include financial, environmental and social benefits that reinforce each other:


Saving money - Sustainability involves reducing waste and unnecessary energy, fuel and other inputs. All these actions can save companies money.
Managing business risks - Sustainability helps companies get ahead of supply chain pressure and ever-stricter regulation. Companies adopting sustainable practices early avoid a costly rush to comply.
Maintaining strong "license to operate” - In order to do business, companies need to be seen positively by clients and stakeholders. Sustainability means maintaining strong relationships with employees, customers, other companies, local communities and regulators. Sustainability initiatives increase employee and client loyalty, connect communities and help companies meet legal requirements. 


Where should you start? 

We help you take simple, achievable steps to become more sustainable. Even a very small company can reinforce its position as a responsible member of the community without becoming a “sustainability expert.” Actions can be “quick wins” or “deep changes.” 

  • Quick wins are easy to accomplish and don’t require a lot of expertise or effort.
  • Deep changes identify opportunities that are a good long-term fit. Although these are more time consuming, they may have more significant payoffs and result in enduring positive social change.


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Sarah Blake, director at Earthology Sarah has a passion for the natural world and sustainable living. She studied Sustainability leadership at the University of Cambridge and has an interesting career combining Horticulture and Human Resources. Sarah believes that individual actions can make a difference and that we all have the power to be agents of change. Our tips and tricks prove that living more sustainably is the new norm both in business and in our home lives. Everyone can make a difference and all it starts with one small change that will send you on your sustainability journey. Our interactive talks, workshops and strategy sessions are a great way to get started on reducing your carbon footprint both at work and at home. We believe every action counts and what you do matters. Earthology - Educating Change